Kindfulness of Mindfulness for Wellbeing

Learn how we can help you deeply care for yourself and feel more connected to others.

Kindfulness best describes the foundation of mindfulness, which is so much more than learning techniques or skills, but about connecting to our heart,


Some of the attitudes behinds Mindfulness practices:

Just one breath at a time.

When we notice we are distracted, just bring ourselves back as kindly as we can.

There is no failure only awareness that we have become distracted.

Power of connection with ourselves and each other.

The power of now and now and now.

What our customers are saying

I whole heartedly recommend Soo Strong as a highly qualified and gifted Mindfulness trainer. Her warm and friendly manner puts one at ease with her immediately and instils trust so that one can confidently share one’s worries and troubles. This has the advantage that Soo can use this knowledge to tailor meditations to one’s own particular needs. Soo’s calm and soothing voice, when leading the meditations, is so relaxing it would be easy to doze off.

As a result of the eight one hour sessions of training with Soo I have learned to live with and control those things that up to now have made my life so difficult.

I thoroughly recommend Soo as a trainer to anyone considering taking up Mindfulness.

Margaret H, Norwich